Dark Side Of The Meat

  • real name: Tim Keiling
    fields of interest producer/live act
    location: Hinterfischbach
  • Alas! The Dark Side Of The Meat cometh to light. Begone, beat quantisation and synthesizer presetism, for thou shallst not be of concern. Erdbeerschnitzel, hence the name, seeked for an alter ego to express his murky, yet raging side. Thou shallst use thyne ears with care for what is to come may be unexpected, yet disturbing to thee. As it arose from the social wastelands of Mainz Neustadt, the Meat must not be classified. It shall be of its own flesh.
  • SMV014


  • real name: Davide Meucci
    fields of interest producer/painter
    location: Turin, Italy
  • His enthusiasm and the constant research of new ways of communication make him venture into graphic art and painting, preferring primitive and essential signs, sometimes inspired from a frail and tortuous inner exploration.
    Soul sounds become deeper through this intimate and personal path, and a need for livening they up prompted him to research new sounds.
    He grows up with jazz, blues, acid jazz, funk, trip hop, he starts to compose without inspiring to any particular artist , and using just its impulse, ironically defined “Davem’s belief” by his friends, expression which means a strongly personal artistic and music genre.
  • SMV007


  • real name: Eddie Erk
    fields of interest dj/producer/designer
    location: Mainz
  • homemade polka and fresh, hot electronic soup
  • SMV017
  • SMV002


  • Firnwald a.k.a. Stefan Aigner from Trostberg an der Alz produces music in the areas of experimental, breakbeats, IDM and ambient. Focus of the productions and live performances are a high complexity in rhythm and beat programming. Well for webaffine something nerdy people who browse through netlabels and Creative Commons sounds to find new stuff with no commercial background.
  • SMV026


  • fields of interest dj/producer
    location: Miyagi, Japan
  • born in miyagi japan 1986. now live in tome city.
    in childhood, he loved nintendo super famicom and baseball. he was introduced electronic music by sir george in 1999. since then, he started collect records and play them in his dj mix. in 2004, he got the his first sequencer and sampler. after that, he started his sound play and making music.
    besides music, ingern loves drawing illustrations for textile, silkscreen print, making courage, wood paint and taking a photograph of his neighboring scenery.
    ingern is running omocha records since 2012.
  • SMV013


  • real name: Tobias Lorsbach
    fields of interest dj/producer/sound designer
    location: Mainz
  • Tobias Lorsbach makes electronic music. Head of SpontanMusik and creator of projects like keinzweiter, Lavajaz, Supralist, elco park, jabba 44 , antiga prime or superlauncher he released and remixed on labels like UNOIKI, Klang, Overdrive, Force inc, Produkt, overX, 3D, Archipel, M_nus, Plex, Snork Enterprises, Memoryformat, Subtropical, Kreatur-Musik, Tonimusic, Kubism and finally spontanMusik
  • SMV021
  • SMV016
  • SMV009
  • SMV006
  • SMV005
  • SM001


  • real name: max wendling
    fields of interest dj/producer
    location: Mainz
  • born by his mechanical mother heidi wl-5 as maximilian wendling, paradroid is digitally yours since 1971. he absolved trainee lessons in matchbox car driving and 24 hour non-stop quartet playing as well as space pilot training including 3 D fractal error frequency listening - a performance finding it´s prophecy in searching for the aural jesus.
  • SM003


  • real name: Marcel Fleischmann
    fields of interest dj/producer/designer/designer/live act
    location: Mainz
  • Between typography, illustrations and running a club, SolidM has still enough time for djing and his unusual creations that rank to work at the interface between classical Minimal and Mainz influenced Microhouse.

    »Technical equipment enabled me to realize my world of sounds and pictures.«
  • SMV015
  • SM002

Sven Laux

  • fields of interest dj/producer/sound designer
    location: Berlin
  • Sven Laux is part of a modest group of producers who have been faithfully progressing the evolution of micro composition. Born in Neubrandenburg, Germany, Laux started writing electronic music in 1998 after discovering a talent for meticulously sampling and looping audio.
    Now residing in Berlin, Sven Laux has done anything but conform. His unique take on music making has him sharing the company of artisans like Pheek, Ezekiel Honig and Marc Neyen. Laux has become notorious for his clicks and pops, manipulating foundsounds and employing field recordings for layered ambiance.
  • SMV019
  • SMV003


  • fields of interest: dj/producer/live act
    location: Mainz/Germany
  • Hello i am Tilman
    I am a DJ, Producer and Liveact and live in Mainz.
    I love Samples, Synths and Drum Machines. Together with two friends we run the small house and techno label Klamauk. I also released records on labels like Maria Colors, Minibar, Thema, Spontanmusik, Lebensfreude and others. I started making music around 2005. Somehow i became a DJ and since then i played in various clubs around Europe.
  • SMV024
  • SMV022

    Contributors, remixers, designers, video artists, singers

    Thank you!
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