Classic Accidents

...spontan musik`s first release after spending three years in the hammock is a gorgeous bouquet of amazingly fresh sounding flowers - if you can imagine flowers sounding fresh !? even it is silly or not to think about fresh sounding flowers we deliver you this unique sounding bouquet of flowers - no matter if you like it or not!
the compilation starts with the road trip-vision of a global empire. huge-ball-beats collide with godzilla-mode sound design. ninja shadowboxing - as surprising as bruce lee`s exploding fist!
ed arcade - who knows how to trigger the jackpot - delivers a true winner with his supercoop, on the trace of c64 blend flipper-house.
minimono isn`t mono and not that mini you may suggest: their gigi is a well tuned journey through harmonic and tricky house-landscapes.
directly leading to the electrifying contribution from jason carich aka sr. replicante. tuning his robots in a power supply mode + old school bleeps in modern sound design.
for those who know! tom ellis - who`s running the fine trimsounds label with his partner in crime leif - supports the spontan family with his unique blend of wonky house and paradroid is failing safe in recreational mecca, where illusion is everything - and safety nothing! safe as milk he delivers a quirky fake chord dilemma - as friendly as we know him.
perpignan based nice presents a delicate slice of sporty neo-chicago, including bizarre rhythm pattern changes - suitable for people with 3 legs or more!
fym dares a boat trip to an exotic place, where complaining ducks are leading the way to kryptic pan-flute extravaganza you`ll surely love!
no worse is the attempt of keinzweiter, sailing on the river of no return, where jazz-blended messages scend kaleidoscopic in 4D.
things are calming down with tilmans tasty tribute to spontan. a deep jackin` ride with a heavy bassline suggesting stanley clarke on a motocross, collecting noises for the next decade.
anglo french from sven laux takes us to the late night drive. icy synths and beady percussions lead the way to the finale:
aluf waves goodbye with his "marinated rizlas" - a beautifully textured mutation of future jazz, just as we like it!

© spontanMusik
Release/catalogue number: SMV001
Release date: Jul 22 2007

V.A. - Classic Accidents

Releasedate: Jul 22 2007

  • Road Trip - global empire []
  • Ed.Arcade - supercoop []
  • Minimono - gigi []
  • Sr.Replicante - loft []
  • Tom Ellis - a day in the life []
  • Paradroid - fail safe in recreational mecca []
  • Nice - furoz []
  • Fym - mushed hybris []
  • Keinzweiter - dinnerleptic strings []
  • Tilman - tribute to spontan []
  • Sven Laux - anglo french []
  • Aluf - marinated rizlas []
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