Unclassified Accidents

Put things together that don`t fit? Build a wall of sound nobody wants to listen to? Find some ways out of the past an find new concepts while keeping the old! spontanMusik is expanding to a new wave of ideas from out of the wide space of the www. The compilation shows our will to change. As we think a perfect mixture of Minimalsm, Hip Hop, Funk, Drum n Bass and strange experiments. Keep your traditions but expand! Let there be more! For a better dancefloor and a better living room.

© spontanMusik
Release/catalogue number: SMV012
Release date: Oct 08 2009

V.A. - Unclassified Accidents

Releasedate: Oct 08 2009

  • Superlauncher - Amused Neutrinos []
  • Woodnote - MacAvity []
  • Angry Teng - Disko Diskurs (Supralist Remix) []
  • Humeka - A Personal Groove []
  • Supralist - Spectral []
  • Lavajaz - Missing []
  • Bitbasic - Skuppered []
  • Paradroid - Hovercraft Operator []
  • Dark Side Of The Meat - CMYK []
  • Sevish - Never... In My Life []
  • Sven Laux - I Am Offtopic []
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