Transit Munich

The city of Munich is still suspect to me. While there are some really nice places there, but by and large the city is simply unappealing to me. But one has found himself to make music there. That was good. Julia also sang several concerts of "Ultrarchitec-series" and Hannes played the bass as it should be groovy. In the moment ambiences are established they are shorty discarded again. "Transit Munich" comes playful, a bit deep and just ends. A complex easy electronica album. Just like I like Munich. Short and sweet.
All tracks writen and produced by Stefan Aigner
© spontanMusik
Release/catalogue number: SMV026
Release date: Jan 15 2014

Firnwald - Transit Munich

Releasedate: Jan 15 2014

  • Firnwald - Königsplatz []
  • Firnwald - Auen []
  • Firnwald - Another Fools Wisdom []
  • Firnwald - Femme Maschine []
  • Firnwald - Hide Myself []
  • Firnwald - Munich Snow Kids []
  • Firnwald - Femme Maschine RMX []
  • Firnwald - Lund Clock []
  • Firnwald - Bad Sleep []
  • Firnwald - Auen (Supralist Remix) []
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